Sewing Machine Bliss

Well, after LOTS of online research, I bought a new sewing machine! I went to Edwards Sewing Center on N. Clinton here in Fort Wayne; it was actually the first time I’d been in the store and I loved the atmosphere. There were several ladies sewing their quilts and talking about their projects (plus they had snacks, which is all I need to be convinced to come back).

I feel proud to have supported a local business and now I can bring my machine in for free classes or to just sit around and craft with everyone else. If you love crafting and haven’t been to Edwards, make sure you stop in!

Here is my machine (I wasn’t crazy about the pink at first, but it’s growing on me):

Inspired by my new buy, here are a few DIY sewing projects:

1. Makeup Bag from Momtastic. (I’ve made this one before.)
2. Tissue cases from VeryPurplePerson using scrap pieces of fabric.
3. Very chic pleated pillowcase from Presserfoot.
4. Laptop sleeve from Design Sponge.


DIY Ideas for the Weekend

Happy Thursday/almost Friday! This week has absolutely FLOWN by. I’m anxious for the weekend so I can work on some craft projects and visit with family. We’re celebrating my birthday this Saturday with lasagna (my favorite) and cheesecake.

To help everyone get into the crafty mood, here are a few projects for the weekend:

Leaf Covered Candles from

Refashion your drab cardigans with ideas from The New Home Ec

Pixelated Watercolor from All Things Paper

Adorable Paper Lanterns from BustleBlog

Beautiful Tuesday

Well, I did make some fabric eggs last week and I’m actually perfecting my slip stitch (which desperately needed work) on a few more eggs I made this weekend. I found an awesome tutorial from a cute blog called Retro Mama. Here’s a photo of my beautiful eggs:

I also came across another great blog called Sew Mama Sew. It has all kinds of ideas and tutorials for crafts. These are a few that I would like to try (each picture links to the corresponding tutorial):

A Fabric Letter & Envelope:

A Spring Ruffled Top:

Adorable Notebook Cover:

Scalloped Fabric Garland:

In addition to making cute Easter eggs and browsing craft blogs I have been getting my senior project together for the upcoming Saint Francis student show. I have to have everything in by April 1st, so I have some time, but I still need to send some pieces to the printers this week. I would post those pictures, but I’ve already added so many that I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

I will leave you with one more happy picture. It’s a picture of our little town’s Post Office – the happy part is that the typeface is Futura!

Upland, Indiana – we’re so hip!