Sewing Machine Bliss

Well, after LOTS of online research, I bought a new sewing machine! I went to Edwards Sewing Center on N. Clinton here in Fort Wayne; it was actually the first time I’d been in the store and I loved the atmosphere. There were several ladies sewing their quilts and talking about their projects (plus they had snacks, which is all I need to be convinced to come back).

I feel proud to have supported a local business and now I can bring my machine in for free classes or to just sit around and craft with everyone else. If you love crafting and haven’t been to Edwards, make sure you stop in!

Here is my machine (I wasn’t crazy about the pink at first, but it’s growing on me):

Inspired by my new buy, here are a few DIY sewing projects:

1. Makeup Bag from Momtastic. (I’ve made this one before.)
2. Tissue cases from VeryPurplePerson using scrap pieces of fabric.
3. Very chic pleated pillowcase from Presserfoot.
4. Laptop sleeve from Design Sponge.


November 1st

I can’t believe it’s November already. Every November 1st is the start of the Christmas season at DeBrand and I am beginning to get into the holiday spirit…but I have to enjoy the rest of fall first. I’m excited for my upcoming birthday celebrations (the big 2-5) and getting together with family for Thanksgiving. November is absolutely my favorite month!!

To celebrate November, I searched the month in Etsy and found some lovely things:

A: Fall themed hair pins from PlumePretty
B: Golden wheat art print from RetroMenagerie
C: Autumn colored yarn from CandySkein
D: Gold citrine earrings from JenniferCassady

Also – I found some nice desktop wallpapers for the month of November at Enjoy!

New Look & Adorable Pins!

Yes, I’ve updated the look of my blog again. Although I LOVED the look of my old blog style, this setting is more user friendly and I’m very excited to have a side bar again…notice the new photos to the right. I hope you all like it, let me know your thoughts and if you like/dislike the change!

Also – I have to share this adorable pin from hugaporcupine on Etsy:

Bear Origami Pin

Sweater Weather

I am loving this sweater weather! But, I am not loving the rain. Fall is my favorite season, but it always goes by too fast. One thing I love about Fall is the motivation I get to be crafty.

I was at Wal-Mart this weekend with my family and could not stop looking at the yarn and thinking of all of the wonderful things I could make. But, then I think of the quilt sitting in my bedside drawer waiting to be completed. Or, the slipcover that is staring at me every time I pass our chair in the living room, begging to be worked on. I’m very good at starting projects, but unmotivated to finish them. Starting projects is just so much more fun!!

Nonetheless, here are a few things I would like to start:

A Crocodile Patterned Scarf:

Tile Coasters (possible Christmas gifts, maybe?):

Impressive embroidery:

Custom Wax Seal:

And because I’m a crazy cat lady, I will leave you with this (I hope you enjoy it as much as I did).

Thankful for Thursday

The weekend is so close I can’t stand it! As I sit here waiting for Parks & Rec to come on I came across a few inspiring business cards. I would love to create new business cards for myself with a letterpress design. I found this site, The Mandate Press, that has some awesome letterpress designs on it and a few more just browsing the web:

And I also found this awesome paper art:

Happy almost Friday!

Clean New Look!

Happy Saturday! I’ve reinvented my blog (well, the look of it anyways) to a much cleaner and sans-serif feel. I love it and hope you do too! (P.S. Now, to leave a comment you can click on the speech bubble to the left)

Tonight, Michael and I are finally going out to see the movie Date Night at the dollar theater. It seems like every weekend we say we’ll go and then we don’t (because we’re lazy old people who would rather stay in their pajamas and watch reruns of Scrubs or Seinfeld than go out). I can tell you we’re for sure going tonight because we’re dressed and my purse is already stuffed with candy snacks, haha!

Random thing I did today:
I texted my sister today to remind her that this is the last Saturday she will spend as Emily Leismer. I’m going to have to get used to referring to her as Emily Swihart soon!

Here are some fun things in my bookmarks toolbar folder titled: “Buy Me:”

Cupcake liners from Etsy seller Cupcake Social.

Eco Market Tote from The Container Store that I think would be perfect for transporting your knitting.

Anorak has this cooler with straps (they call it a Coolbag) that is so cute! I’m not usually into seagulls, but I really like this cooler. Too bad I don’t go on too many picnics!

Now that I started drinking coffee, I am DYING for Pantone Mug #337 C from Pop Deluxe.

These sketchbook/journals are so cute. The covers are made of birch and the paper inside is recycled. Find these and others at Night Owl Paper Goods.

This one is also nice from Indobay, Inc.

That’s all for now, we have to catch a movie!

Bachelorette Parties and Lazy Sundays

This weekend I hosted my sister’s Bachelorette Fiesta! It was a fun night with tacos, gifts, some mixed drinks and a slumber party with french toast and OJ in the morning. See some of the photos below:

Only 1 week and 5 days until we have the rehearsal dinner and before we know it we’ll be dancing and partying it up at the reception! I still have to figure out what my toast will be…it’s harder to come up with something than I thought. I want to sweet, but not too cheesy and yet not too crazy.

Anyways, I’m super excited and can’t wait. My dad and uncle are going to sing/play guitar at the wedding. Tears! It’s going to be so emotional, yet so amazing :). I love Adam (Emily’s fiancĂ©) and I know they are going to be SO happy.

Speaking of the wedding – I finally figured out what my hair will be like. It’s so short I was afraid it woudn’t go into an updo, but I’m going to have it professionally done, similar to this:

Then twisted under in the back kind of like this (I clearly cannot do by myself):

So that’s what’s new with me. To close…here are a few fun things to get you inspired! I don’t have links and these are pretty eclectic…but I love the textures and colors of each: