B-Day Recouping & Inspiration

I am 25 years and 1 day today. My birthday yesterday was all that I could have hoped for! One of my co-workers treated me to a little DeBrand Pumpkin Gelato (amazing, even if I am biased), one of my employees surprised with me a bouquet of roses, and my wonderful husband bought me the Vera Bradley purse I’ve been coveting forever.

My purse is the Baroque pattern, my favorite! And if you love Vera Bradley like I do, you’ll be excited to know that you can sign up with them and receive a $20 coupon on your birthday. Sign up here.

Receiving surprises from loved ones reminds me how important it is to surprise those around us, even if it isn’t their birthday. I feel inspired to think of cute gifts or notes for my co-workers, friends, and family. Just the littlest thing can turn someone’s day around.

In the spirit of lifting people’s moods, here is a Thinking of You card I created recently. Download it here and share it with someone you love!

Now check out these awesome paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield a Sydney based artist currently making nature-inspired sculptures from torn paper and copper pipe.


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