I’m back!

After a long hiatis, I’ve decided I need to start blogging again. We’ll see how long it lasts, right? So much has happened since my last post and I wish that it would have been documented. I guess I have plenty to write about.

First things first: remember that list I made for myself in my last post? Well, even though I wasn’t blogging I did pull myself out of my rut and was able to get some stuff done.

– Clean/organize my art closet. Check! Although we’ve moved since then and I no longer have an art closet and it is sad.
– Paint Michael’s music closet. Done! (Right before we moved I really cleaned it up and was very proud of the transformation.)
– Get rid of clothes I hate. Donated! I got rid of clothes that didn’t fit so I wasn’t reminded that I couldn’t fit into them anymore.
– Paint an abstract painting. Not yet, I’ve been distracted by so many other crafts…more details to come in future posts.
– Create an Autumn decoration. I wouldn’t call it an Autumn decoration, but I did create a leaf-like sculpture for our new apartment. You use cut up paper towel rolls, it is so easy!

– Clean out junk drawers. This HAD to happen when we moved. Now we only have one junk drawer and I need to admit to myself that it’s a little out of control, but out of sight out of mind…
– Sweep patio. Done…right before we moved, haha!
– Paint bookcases to match Painted and they look great. We got both shelves for free and now they’re stacked in our bedroom with all of our favorite books and board games.


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