I’m in a rut.

Now that I’ve slowly given in to adult life, I feel uncreative. And not just uncreative…unproductive.

I keep finding crafts or fun inspiration, but they only end up in organized folders on my desktop (or they end up on my desktop, yet to be organized). Blah! That’s how I feel, BLAH. I need something to inspire me enough to get me off my butt and begin creating again. I need goals, but I’m too scared to set them because I am 80% sure I won’t meet them.

OKAY! I need to stop complaining and give myself an ultimatum. I will give myself 1 week to accomplish something. Anything. Not even a whole week…I give myself until Friday to do something. It doesn’t even have to be creative, I just need to accomplish something.

Here is the list that has been swimming around in my head for weeks:
– Clean/organize my art closet.
– Paint Michael’s music closet.
– Get rid of clothes I hate.
– Paint an abstract painting.
– Create an Autumn decoration.
– Clean out junk drawers.
– Sweep patio.
– Paint bookcases to match…


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