Clean New Look!

Happy Saturday! I’ve reinvented my blog (well, the look of it anyways) to a much cleaner and sans-serif feel. I love it and hope you do too! (P.S. Now, to leave a comment you can click on the speech bubble to the left)

Tonight, Michael and I are finally going out to see the movie Date Night at the dollar theater. It seems like every weekend we say we’ll go and then we don’t (because we’re lazy old people who would rather stay in their pajamas and watch reruns of Scrubs or Seinfeld than go out). I can tell you we’re for sure going tonight because we’re dressed and my purse is already stuffed with candy snacks, haha!

Random thing I did today:
I texted my sister today to remind her that this is the last Saturday she will spend as Emily Leismer. I’m going to have to get used to referring to her as Emily Swihart soon!

Here are some fun things in my bookmarks toolbar folder titled: “Buy Me:”

Cupcake liners from Etsy seller Cupcake Social.

Eco Market Tote from The Container Store that I think would be perfect for transporting your knitting.

Anorak has this cooler with straps (they call it a Coolbag) that is so cute! I’m not usually into seagulls, but I really like this cooler. Too bad I don’t go on too many picnics!

Now that I started drinking coffee, I am DYING for Pantone Mug #337 C from Pop Deluxe.

These sketchbook/journals are so cute. The covers are made of birch and the paper inside is recycled. Find these and others at Night Owl Paper Goods.

This one is also nice from Indobay, Inc.

That’s all for now, we have to catch a movie!


3 thoughts on “Clean New Look!

  1. hey i love the new look but there’s no place to leave a comment, I had to do it through my email. LOVE LOVE LOVE it though. That beaver looks like a squirrel to me though and therefore gives me the hebbie jebbies.

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