The weekend is so close!

Tonight we had pizza (Papa Johns) and my favorite pop (Sierra Mist). We have 6 random strangers staying with us which is a long story but here’s the jist: Michael barely knew this one guy from school (1) who is married (2) and playing in a band with four other guys (6). They need a place to stay or they will sleep in their van, so I guess we didn’t have a choice when they asked. :\

Anyways…on a happy note, I have lots of goodies today:

Birds + Cupcakes + Sheep = LOVE. See more of Lisa Congdon’s paintings here.

Pretty alphabets. These were just pictures, not real typefaces. BUT! You can click on the picture and save them for yourself. I’m going to trace them for monograms or ‘designy’ things that only use a few letters.

And some robots thrown in for fun.

Citris Slice Mini Booklets at The Petite Press. However, I’m a tease and these are sold out – but, you should still check out their site.

SWOON! Mustaches out of type at Old Tom Foolery.

And lastly…amazing pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti here.


One thought on “Thursday

  1. I just posted the same mustache poster on my blog yesterday I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! I actually made one with different type that I’m going to print out huge and frame.

    And I would kill to have those pencils. There AMAZING I cant imagine how hard that was to create.

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