Shame on Me!

I have been so neglectful of my precious blog!!! Thank you, Angie, for snapping me out of my neglectful stupor :D.

Let me update you on my life (I’m pretending it’s breaking news, bear with me, hehe):

I have officially been at DeBrand for over a month and I’m loving it – my waistline is not. Between sampling chocolate all day, EVERY day, and eating out every night while we were packing/moving back to Fort Wayne…my clothes are getting tighter. Which, as I told Michael means I just need to buy more clothes…

Anyways, my goal is to get up tomorrow morning (pray for me!) and run around my gorgeous neighborhood of West Rudisill and Foster Park. I am also working with my mom on my sister’s bridal shower which is coming up on June 12th.

We aren’t using this idea, so I can post (in case Emily sees) – it’s still really cute:

I wish I could post the other pics, but it has to be a surprise! But, here are some pictures of modern spaces and abstract paintings I’ve been looking at for inspiration for the new house:

I also found this umbrella at a cute (and affordable) site for clothing/accessories:

Well, that is all for now. I promise to keep updating, I didn’t realize how much I missed it!


One thought on “Shame on Me!

  1. Yes I’m just nosey and wanted to know how much you loved your new job! 🙂 And obviously the chocolate as well!! haha

    Glad it’s going well. And good luck w/ the new place! And the exercising, too!

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