Guess What?!

The last few days have been so crazy and exciting at the same time. Here is my run down (it’s a little lenthy, but well worth it):

1: I hear from a source (hehe) that there is a graphic design position open in Fort Wayne at Debrand Fine Chocolates.

2: I email Alan Nauts (my former professor) for advice.

3: He emails me not 10 minutes later saying, “You would be perfect for the job!” And then he gave me the contact information for the owner, Tim, telling me to email them my website link and cover letter/resume/references.

4: Alan emails me around 9pm saying that I need to hurry because Tim is waiting for my email – they would like to hire someone by Friday and he is allowing me to sneak my resume in for review.

1: Alan calls around 8:30am (unfortunately my phone was on silent) telling me to go online and fill out a generic application at the Debrand website (and by the way, it is very weird that Alan is so involved at this point).

2: Michael wakes me up at 9:45am, “Honey! Alan sent you an email!” (yes, he was so excited he checked my email)

3: I fill out a generic application and anticipate a call (crossing my fingers they will consider me, even though the hiring process is almost over)

4: The DeBrand secretary, Michelle, calls around 10:30am asking if I could come in at 2pm that day for an interview.

5: I go through an initial interview at 2pm. The owners tell me they would like to have me do a second interview in about 45 minutes. Could I leave and come back? Haha – I said, “Of course!”

6: I come back at 4:00pm (even though I was scheduled to work at the hotel at 3pm that day) and go through the rigorous 2nd interview.

7: Cathy and Tim (the owners) gather me in their office to talk with me about how I feel about the entire day – even though they’ve thrown a lot at me. I said, “I’m overwhelmed, but in an excited way.”

8: We say goodbye, they tell me I will hear from them the next day. Michael (who has been waiting in the car for hours) and I go to Wendy’s for food (finally!) and we drive home. I made it to work around 7:45pm – over 4 hours late.

1. I’m on my way to work and Cathy calls me 15 minutes into the drive, “Can you talk?”

2. We talk for a while, she eventually offers me the job!!!!!!! She tells me I was the only recent graduate they seriously considered and that everyone thought I would be the right fit for DeBrand (not to mention that Alan had wonderful things to say).

3. I end the call with Cathy as I’m pulling into the parking lot at the hotel and call Michael right before I have to clock in. Then, of course, I have to wait hours until my boss finally leaves so I can sneak phone calls to my family telling them the good news.

(You say) Wait, what does this all mean, again? Well, I am the official graphic designer at Debrand Fine Chocolates.

Here is where my office will be:

Here is an interior shot of one of the chocolate shops:

And some of their chocolates (YUM!):

I can’t wait until Fall for these amazing caramel apples:

So, that’s it. It has been an emotional roller coaster, but a total blessing from God. I truly believe this is where I am supposed to be and so happy to have been given this opportunity. Trust in God and know that He has a plan for you.


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