Birthdays, Love and Fun Design

Michael and I came home (we still call our parent’s houses “home”) for the weekend for our mother’s birthdays. My mom’s b-day is March 23, my mother-in-law’s b-day, March 27. In addition, my grandmother’s birthday is March 30, so she also gets bundled into our celebration – it’s been a fun family weekend.

We had a fun night filled with pizza, donuts and bowling with Michael’s mom and sister (his stepdad and brother are on vacation in Arizona) and then had an early dinner with my family on Sunday. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrot cake for dessert – oh my! There is nothing better than coming home to a homestyle meal cooked by my granny.

March 27 also marks the day Michael and I first started dating, six years ago. I know it’s silly to celebrate two separate anniversaries, but I really feel that this is the more important date (compared to our marriage anniversary). Either way we never really get each other gifts, but I did design a cute little card for Michael and he was surprised which made me happy. I’ll try not to be too mushy, but he still melts my heart and I am very thankful to have found such an amazing guy to share my life with. I know we have many adventures ahead.

As far as design goes, I have been obsessing over various design blogs and my bookmarks tab is once again cluttered and unorganized. Here are a few things that I’ve found that are inspiring:

It is our dream to have a house with a built-in bookshelf. I would love to organize the books by color:

Cute, cute business cards for Mint Design Blog:

Download this adorable calender to print on your own for $4.50 at Mibo Studio

Here’s a lovely idea to dress up a corkboard from Fresh Nest:


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