Student Show 2010

As previously mentioned, the SOCA Student Show is coming soon! I dropped off the rest of my files to the printer yesterday and I’m hoping they will be ready to frame and mount by Friday. I can proudly say that this is the earliest I will be done preparing for Student Show ever, but I’m not taking any classes so I don’t think that counts.

In all, I can only enter 7 peices – but as the good Heather Ingram taught me, there are ways around this rule (hehe). I have two shopping bags, of different sizes, that I would like to enter, but I need them to count as one piece. So, I will be taping them together as they would sit on a stand for display. Voila! One entry.

I am also using my trickery on two other entries: one is a cork board which will feature my logo design, fabric samples and web design mock-ups and the other is a frame with all of the identity (business card, letterhead and envelope). Here’s what the web mock-ups and identity layout will look like:

Well, that’s all for now!


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