Beautiful Tuesday

Well, I did make some fabric eggs last week and I’m actually perfecting my slip stitch (which desperately needed work) on a few more eggs I made this weekend. I found an awesome tutorial from a cute blog called Retro Mama. Here’s a photo of my beautiful eggs:

I also came across another great blog called Sew Mama Sew. It has all kinds of ideas and tutorials for crafts. These are a few that I would like to try (each picture links to the corresponding tutorial):

A Fabric Letter & Envelope:

A Spring Ruffled Top:

Adorable Notebook Cover:

Scalloped Fabric Garland:

In addition to making cute Easter eggs and browsing craft blogs I have been getting my senior project together for the upcoming Saint Francis student show. I have to have everything in by April 1st, so I have some time, but I still need to send some pieces to the printers this week. I would post those pictures, but I’ve already added so many that I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

I will leave you with one more happy picture. It’s a picture of our little town’s Post Office – the happy part is that the typeface is Futura!

Upland, Indiana – we’re so hip!


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