Easter is Coming

Well, I started my quilting project back up. It is over two years in the making and that I blame on school taking up all of my time. Now, I have no excuse so I set up my sewing machine in the living room with my ironing board and iron and I have to say I think I may just finish it by the end of this year.

Here’s a pic of what some of the blocks look like, (please forgive the quality – the colors are oranges and yellows):

I’ve also started taking down all of my winter related decorations (not Christmas – those have been gone since January) and realized that I only have one Easter related decoration. It’s a door hanging that says Easter and Michael made fun of it when I hung it on our front door. He’s a boy, what does he know.

Anyways, I’ve been looking around online for ideas on how to inexpensively decorate for Easter. I found this picture of wooden eggs and I thought, I could make little eggs from scrap fabric and put them in a dish! So, I’m going to come up with some sort of a pattern tonight and work on them tomorrow before work.

Then, I found this little guy and thought, I can do that! I’ll have to look for a bunny pattern – or I guess I could just steal this one, hehe. No, I’ll definitely make it my own.

So, that is all for now. Happy quilting/sewing!


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