Warning: Crazy cat lady talk ahead…

Oh my land! I want to buy everything Etsy seller xmoonbloom makes! She has these cute pet hats, which I don’t think my cats would appreciate, but I still want to try them, haha. I’m not going to buy them for $20 though – I’m thinking of attempting to make them myself.

This one would be for my little “black bear” (May-May):

This is her:

And then my Lucille (/Lucifer) would get this one:

This is her:

I realize it is a little bit pathetic that I want to buy dress up hats for my two cats, but at least I realize I’m crazy. That’s something isn’t it? The even sadder thing is that I wish I had a third cat to get this monster one which melts me:

Anyways, besides the cat business – there are other cute little creatures you can buy from xmoonbloom . Such as…

Or this squirrel which is my favorite – look at him! He’s so fiesty and devious. I should buy one for Heather’s birthday (who absolutely hates squirrels – but I ask you, how could you hate this face?).

Also, I really want to learn how to make this bag! It is also from the same seller, but I’d rather find this crochet pattern and make it myself. Is anyone familiar with this crochet stitch?

Okay, that’s all for now (well, at least this morning). I’ve gotten pretty excited over these crocheted hats and animals which means my coffee is kicking in (which only heightens my craziness) – I worked second shift last night, worked out, then went home and pretty much had time for a 4 hour nap and came back in at 7am. It’ll be nice to get home at 3, but I’m going to be pooped the rest of the night!


3 thoughts on “Warning: Crazy cat lady talk ahead…

  1. I appreciate your cat lovin’ b/c I, too, am a cat lover and spoil mine rotten!!
    If you do not have a cat condo or perch or anything like this, you should check out fhcpets.com. A friend of mine works for them. I’m actually thinking about buying one for my mom who has 2 cats. They’d LOVE one! And I don’t think they’re too incredibly expensive… reasonable, I’d say.

  2. I’ve always wanted to get them a some sort of perch – even something so they could sit comfortably in the window would be nice. I’ll definitely check that site out!

  3. The hats are too cute. If your cat Lucy can wear a devil hat then she could probably wear a monster one too. Go ahead make both.

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