Script Type & Birthday Cards

First – if you are one of the culprits using script type in all caps, STOP IT! I keep seeing it and it is driving me crazy! Script type should not be abused in this way – it is hard to read and it looks horrible. Choose a nice sans-serif typeface instead – so easy to read with a clean, fresh look (i.e. Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, or even Futura). I’m not trying to sound all high and mighty, just consider this suggestion next time you’re typing something out.

Second – I am working on a set of birthday cards that will be available to buy. I probably won’t set up an Etsy account until I have a few more products for sale, but we’ll see. Here are a few examples of the style (they are similiar to my sister’s bridal shower invites – I’m obsessed with dotted lines at the moment):


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