Awards & Circles

This weekend I attended the Fort Wayne Wayne Addy Awards (Graphic Design Awards Banquet). The theme was the 1960’s and Heather and I had fun dressing up and doing our hair in a 60’s fashion. We both won Silver Addy’s for our entries and went to Club Soda afterwards for our free drink.

Now I am at work hanging out – Sundays are even slower than normal. So, I got on Etsy and searched for ‘circles’ because circles are my favorite shape. Here are some of the fun things I found:

Etsy Seller: Krita – Felted Balls

Etsy Seller: ThirtySixTen – A Pretty Moonstone Ring

Etsy Seller: TheHomeCentric – Decorative Pillows

Etsy Seller: Luxedeluxe – Necklaces

Etsy Seller: AdornJewelry Bird Pendents


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