Saturday at the Hampton Inn

Nothing is new – I’m sitting at work watching LOST and dealing with the occasional hillbilly guest who claims the whirlpool in their room didn’t work and they want their money back or, my favorite, the $350 comforter that went missing from their room mysteriously made its way home with them and they have no idea how. The sad thing is that because of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, a handful of guests will just make up stuff so they can get their money back. Sometimes we can avoid it because we can prove they’re lying, but I’ve given 3 people full refunds in just the 3 weeks I’ve worked here.

We have security cameras throughout the hotel and when I sit in the back I can watch all of them on one screen. This morning I saw a little boy in his footie pajamas wandering the first floor crying. I went out to see where his mom was and after a while she finally walked in from outside with a cigarette in her mouth. I watched her smoke it all the way up the stairs (non-smoking!). Luckily we have a little machine that sucks odors out of rooms/hallways and I was able to remove the smell, but I did have to pick up her cigarette butt up off the carpeted stairs when I went to check it out.

I could go on an on with stories of guests not respecting property – it blows my mind how people act. Anyways, it keeps the day interesting and it gives me something to talk about with the housekeepers, haha.

Random awesome thing I found – classic books with redesigned covers:


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