Monday, Feb. 8

It is almost noon and I am still in bed. I did get up to get breakfast and grab my computer, but the fact that I have done nothing with my life this morning makes me feel like a lazy bum.

The reason I am in bed is because I’m now addicted to watching Weeds – and I realized last night that whenever I get into a TV show that is available on Netflix or other (illegal) websites I usually sit in bed and watch them and do nothing productive. Here is a picture I took when I was on my DEXTER binge (4 seasons in less than 2 weeks – each show is an hour!):

My two cats (who love it when I stay in bed) and our dog who was on the floor by herself so I let her up too.

I will try to redeem my lazy self by saying that I do have a job now (unlike the DEXTER days) and I will be working at 3 today which will make up for my unproductive morning. I also still have the afternoon to exercise (if I ever convince myself) and take a shower (which always helps the day begin).

Really, this post is me convincing myself to do something and an excuse to show you this picture of my Lucille:


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