Bridal Shower!

I just finished up my sister’s bridal shower invitations. They will be cute postcards we can just send out without the cost of an envelope:

Totally unrelated: I think the free chocolate chip cookies at work may be the death of me. I realized how badly I’ve been eating lately when this really buff guy came to check in. When my manager offered him a cookie he said, “No, no – I don’t eat fat circles.” FAT CIRCLES! I’ve been eating at least 2 a day for the past week – I need to do a cleanse or something and get back to yoga and running!

However, I do still have some pride left – the lowest uniform size we have here is a 14 and I need a 12. My manager said I was too skinny to work here, haha. Take that “fat circle” man.


2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower!

  1. Some days fat circle man will inspire you and other days you want to make him eat fat circles as a punishment for his healthiness. Today he inspired me to be healthy.

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