Blogging while at work…

I’m sitting here at Hampton Inn in Marion – I’m the second shift desk clerk. It’s actually a pretty fun job, free chocolate chip cookies around 5pm, internet access and cable television (I’m watching HGTV right now). Of course, I do have work to do every once in a while, but it’s pretty quiet here during second shift.

Thursday and Friday I will switch gears and become Mrs. Goodrich, high school substitute teacher. It sounds so strange, I think it makes me sound older than I am, haha.

I’m definitely a little wary of teaching high school students, only because I feel so close in age to them. But Michael assures me that I do not look like a high school student. Here’s hoping all I have to do is press play on a movie (it’s a science class)…I probably shouldn’t let them know I haven’t had a science class in like 6 years.

So anyways, I’m bored and don’t feel like reading my book or crocheting (yes, I did bring that). I guess I’ll just find something else on TV.


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