Happy Christmas Eve!

I’ve realized that since school has been out I’ve been blogging like crazy. I’m trying to switch back to blogging more about my artistic endeavors and all things inspirational, but my personal life sneaks in every once in a while. I think that’s okay, though.

I’m at my family’s house waiting around until 4PM when we’ll have Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. I’m excited for my Granny’s homemade mac ‘n cheese – OH! so good. Then we have Michael’s family tradition of going to Christmas Eve service at Wawasee Chapel at 7PM (if the weather permits – it’s pretty icy here).

Artistically, I’m working on my personal website. I have a design in the works, but I always find it extremely hard to design things for myself. I’ll see designs that I love and think, “Yeah! That’s what I like!”, but then I see something else and feel that my original design is no longer great…and it continues on like that. When I’m confident enough, I’ll post what I’m going to go with, but until then here’s some cool stuff from random places:

Cox & Cox

Etsy: Hershey is my Baby



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