Fleas, fleas and more fleas.

We have fleas. We’ve actually had them for over a month and cannot seem to get rid of them. We have been informed that any generic flea medication (the kind that goes between the animal’s shoulders) will not work. Apparently the fleas become immune and you have to use Frontlne brand instead. Well, we have powdered our entire house, put flea collars on the cats and sprayed Shelby with anti-flea spray after her flea bath. We still have fleas.

Now, at around 11:00pm or so we will pack up the brood and leave the house for two hours while we set bombs off. Why so late, you ask? We just want it to be over. In two days, we’ll be heading to our parent’s for two weeks of Christmas vacation. I’m busy tomorrow shooting a wedding and Michael will be at work, and we have no one to take the animals so we have to do it at a time when we’re around to take them with us. BAH!

The cats are not going to be happy…


One thought on “Fleas, fleas and more fleas.

  1. Oh honey I so feel your pain. We had fleas this past late summer. And yes it’s true, OTC medicines usually don’t work. And Hertz brand can cause seizures and stuff (SCARY!!)
    After about 10 flea baths and combing them up to 3x a day, we went to the vet and got Frontline and treated the cats once a month for 3 months. They’re pretty much gone now…. the fleas that is. We did not bomb our house b/c there is nowhere to take the animals for a few hours… :-/
    It’s one of the most frustrating things to go through!!
    Good luck!

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