December 11

Today has been very relaxing, which is nice. Heather spent the night last night then headed home to Ohio around 1:30pm. I watched Mama Mia – which was a waste of my time, but I really didn’t feel like doing anything productive so I kept watching.

Michael came home and we went out to eat (Moe’s) to celebrate my graduation. We also did our usual Friday event of grocery shopping (I swear we’re old people in young bodies) and I’m excited to say, we have a huge box of pop-tarts waiting for me in the cabinet! Next, we’re going to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and have some popcorn (with EXTRA butter, of course). It’s funny, because I realize how ridiculous and cheesy this whole paragraph sounds, but I’m writing it anyways, this is truly our life.

P.S. Glee was AMAZING this week and I’m sad to see Season 1 end. However, the Monk season finale will be on Hulu tomorrow and I have a new Bones episode waiting for me as we speak…I watch A LOT of TV, but I don’t care.

P.P.S. (do people still write P.P.S.?) My senior project is finally over and I’ll be posting pics soon, maybe even later tonight.


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